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                                                     PASSTES HACKING TOOLS


My advice if you want to do with cracking 

mig33 id make this tool password word list as possible, 

or you can find the password list generator software to make it easier.



Mig33 Pass Checker

Mig33 Pass Checker software is designed to crack password user mig33, 

Mig33 Pass Checker tools cracking nick or hack use brute force method, 

with one attempt at a password list with the target nickname.

If the user does not have a password in the password list you will fail to cracking id

. To steal mig33 mig33 not simple your imagine, but I do not have one you try Mig33 Pass Checker.





                                                                          Brutus Mig33 Cracker Software 

   Brutus is a cracker to crack mig33 or any passwords, 
it may as well pass cracker box e-mail (POP3), 
or the password of a FTP or a CGI, for that you test hundreds of combinations 
and test each one until he finds is the correct password.
example: AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AF, AG, AH, AI … etc.

To avoid being a cracker program, consider using a password long and have no dealings with you.

1. Here you choose the type of "box” that you will crack
http (basic auth): if the site uses an authentication scheme basic (no cgi).
http (from): If the site uses an authentication system with cgi
FTP: To crack a password of a FTP
POP 3: To crack a mail (as your outlook for example)
TELNET: if the site is accessible via Telnet (port 23)
SMD (Netbios): Cracker password Netbios
CUSTOM: to customize the order

2. Is a very important step, you must specify the address of the target
, you can specify an IP address or URL of the site (no redirects !…). 
For example, if you want to crack multimania site via ftp, 
you must place in ftp.membre.lycos.fr target. 
If the site you want to hack is a pro (no address indicating the host),
 you tapper ftp.cible.com (this can vary but I will not explain everything to you to think …)

3. Connection Option is used to define the port that you will use to crack the site. (21 for FTP, for example). 
The rest is to who will tell the program the number of tests they will do in case 
of non-success of the connection. Let the values that indicate that part of the program is not essential.

4. Select Use Proxy if you use a proxy, then you must configure ca opening "Define”
, enter the ip of the proxy server proxy address and port number in the proxy port.
 The proxy allows you to brute force an account of a little more anonymous.

5. do not change these options all that is is very good.

6. This section is used to configure the options of identification, 
it will have to indicate the name of the guy that you will crack.
 (identifying what eyebrows and smile, for example, 
if you hack an account with a multmania http://membres
.lycos.fr/gogo address, the ID is "gogo”. Or a mail: gogo @ domain . com, the identifier is "gogo”.

Check here 7 Single User box, type the login below. you just found

8. Use username is used to … nothing! at leas
t I know not what AC is therefore leave like that and check the user symbol as stated above.

9. Now we must choose the means of cracking!
Word list: Select this option if you want to use a dictionary, 
a list of words which already prepared! (you can download on the download pages on the site)
Brute force is the technique most used, most bourinne too. 
The principle is simple: the software tries hundreds of combinations
 until he finds is good (as mentioned above, AA, then AB, … etc).
 This function is customizable (click range), 
ie you can select the number of letters and figures that there must be in the word.
 Try to be as specific as possible regarding this information, 
because obviously the more you leave a wide range of combinations is more long.

10. Click start to begin …

11. Here are all the detailed transactions that will lead Brutus.

1. Download & Use This software on Your Own Risk. h4ck3rz Team cannot give You Any Tips!

2. Brutus created by Hoobie Inc.

  Link  - http://mig33.wen.ru/E/brutus1.zip

ZX-81 Mig33 Password Cracker 

You can also change your database or word list with the 
password you made in your own list, 
To speed up the process of cracking the password should use 
six characters and combination of numbers. Generally someone 
makes passwod 6 characters and use a number, 
if you have to do this and do not work better to change the target ID.

Download ZX-81 Mig33 Password Cracker Here
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Komas ID Hacker





No need to write more download and try at your own risk


 http://downloads.ziddu.com/downloadfiles/6539108/PasstesterwithRandomidPassGenerator.BONUS: Also includes Smiley Central™yFunCards™, a MyWebSearch® search box and Search Assistant - relevant search results even when you mistype a web address!
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